Corporate and Business Representation

The firm provides legal consultation and representation with respect to the formation and organization of business enterprises of all types, including corporations, partnerships and joint venture arrangements. We also provide assistance in connection with the dissolution of such business entities and any litigation in connection therewith.

In accordance with our business objective, we work closely with the principals and managers of these entities during all stages of development, in order to ensure that the planning process, both legal and financial, takes into account all of the affected interests of our clients.

In connection with this objective, we are typically involved in the following kinds of transactions:

  • We provide legal representation in connection with financing transactions, including private, intrastate offerings of common and preferred stock and other similar securities. We do not practice federal securities law, however, we have developed close working relationships with several law firms that specialize in this field, and from past experience, we believe we can co-ordinate and manage the delivery of these and other highly specialized services to our clients in an economical fashion when necessary.
  • Groom & Cave is very involved in the process of working with the owners and managers of closely-held family business entities and their outside advisors with respect to legal and financial planning for highly compensated individuals, corporate reorganizations, intra-family transfers of wealth, family partnerships and similar matters. In this regard, we advise concerning the issuance of options and similar interests in a company's securities, while also preparing agreements designed to restrict and control the ownership and disposition of securities upon the occurrence of a variety of events, including, termination of employment, disability, death and the sale or other disposition of a business, among others.
  • We have represented numerous clients in connection with the sale of their business, or with respect to the merger of their business with or into other business entities. Likewise, we have been involved in many transactions for our clients concerning their acquisition of other business interests.
  • We represent a number of software developers and have substantial experience and expertise in connection with certain aspects of high-technology businesses, including the negotiation and preparation of software development agreements as well as licensing and distribution agreements.
  • The firm has also had substantial experience in representing non-technology business enterprises engaged in manufacturing and in providing services of all kinds. Representation of these business entities has required us to become involved in a variety of legal matters, including participating in the litigation of disputes of all kinds.